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Putter King Adventure Golf Brings Miniature Golf to iOS

Whether it be growing up, a high school get together, college date or on a road trip, miniature golf is one of my favorite pastimes. Putter King, Japan’s first indoor miniature golf franchise, has taken my love for challenging themed holes and packaged it into the Putter King Adventure Golf app.

The app features 3D miniature golf gaming in what the developer says is high definition graphics. I must say, I’d have to agree. The goal of the game is to help the game’s character Putty become the Putter King of all Putter Kings. The game promises to test the gamer’s creativity and imagination while testing their putting skills in very nicely themed courses all over the world.

Putter King Adventure Golf brings the player on a jetsetter-esque tour around the globe to exotic locations such as the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Egypt. One of my favorite locations was Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Four game modes are included in the game including championship, time trial, practice and multiplayer. And while the the player can select Putty as the would be king, they can also select several other players. Once the character is selected, the user can then select the course as mentioned above. The Adventures in Japan course features 24 holes sporting Mt. Fuji, Sumo wrestlers and many other Japan themed designs. One really neat aspect of the game is that there is a Putter King hole design contest where the winner’s design will be featured in a future update.

The game mechanics are straight forward, but take some time to become familiar with the amount of swing necessary to put the ball in the hole. It’s very similar to real life miniature golf in that the player will find themselves overpowering the shot quite a few times. I found it took me a few rounds before I got the hang of it. To swing, the player must pull back the golfball on the power meter positioned on the right side of the screen. Be easy or the ball will go flying out of bounds.

The game also features a digital score card to keep track of birdies, eagles, pars and of course the evil bogey, double bogey and just plain number because there were two many strokes to name it. There are some really cool features in the game like right before putting a popup will appear and tell the gamer to shake for their fortune. One fortune that they can plan on seeing is the “Great Curse” in which the gamer has to tee off with their eyes closed. Literally, they can’t see the hole when they tee off.

Putter King Adventure Golf contains very creatively designed holes and includes a variety of really fun courses. This makes for an easy recommendation to buy this app.