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Philocode.com is a welcoming space for all gamers worldwide. Our team of experts, not sparing their fingers, works hard on playing the new and old games to make detailed reviews that may be helpful for you. We check both popular and unfairly forgotten games and apps as long as they may interest our readers.

We are eager to hear your thoughts as well. Every gamer, who wants to share a unique view about the game or app, can do it via the contact form. We don’t limit you to particular games in mind. Even our freelance copywriters write about their favorite games or at least those awaking strong feelings in their hearts. We welcome negative reviews as well, as long as there are no F words.

Our Story

In the beginning, there was a word, and the word was Games. For every geek in our team, this word means everything, including unreachable dreams of the future when playing games, and talking about them is a reality. Growing in different places, various states, without even knowing each others’ WoW nicknames, we still had the same dreams to prove that these are more than games.

It was only natural that we quickly found each other on the net and decided to create a friendly community of gamers. The last newbie in our crew was lured by our brave Captain on one of the Fortnite’s events. Perhaps, Captain just threatened him with a bloodcurdling death, but this story is still a mystery for us.

The team is small, home-like, with the scent of baked reviews, and friendly quarrels over the favorite games. We all have our preferences and favorites. Some were raised on Mario, while others youth began with Minecraft. Nevertheless, we all have one intention, which is to make objective reviews, slightly mixing them with personal thoughts and ideas.

What to Expect from Us

Basically, we offer you a constantly growing catalog of versatile reviews, a platform for articles and personal opinions, where you can also find enough free space for your own thoughts. Here, we provide you with:

  • Detailed reviews on the games that were just released;
  • News about upcoming games with hints on what to expect from them;
  • Simple guides on our favorite games;
  • Articles from your fellow players on the games they like;
  • Your tips and reviews on the games you like gently placed in the blog;
  • Safe space to express your thoughts under each game or app.

We have only one rule here, which is: Be Tolerant of Different Points of View. By following it, you will quickly become a valuable asset in this geeky small world created by us. Subscribe to our pages to be able to receive fresh news any time you want. Don’t forget to support us with your kindest comments, so we know that you care. If you have more questions about your options, you can fill in the contact form.

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