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Philocode.com is a welcoming space for all gamers worldwide. Our team of experts, not sparing their fingers, works hard on playing the new and old games to do detailed reviews that may be helpful for you. We check both popular and unfairly forgotten games and apps as long as they may interest our readers.

Our Team

Our journey began when our founder, Daniel Adams, decided to turn his passion for apps and games into a thriving online community. Alongside Jonatan is our talented team: Alexander Brown (Game Reviewer), Joshua Jackson (Game Reviewer), Michael Thompson (Genre-blending Specialist), Benjamin Taylor (Game Reviewer), Samuel Wilson (Creative Storyteller), Olivia Johnson (Reviewer), Sophia Robinson (App Reviewer), Mia Taylor (Content Manager), Charlotte Smith (Game Reviewer)  and Isabella Davis (Game Reviewer). Together, we share a common goal of providing you with the latest news, reviews, and updates in the world of apps and gaming. 

Founder & Editor-in-Chief - Daniel Adams: The Visionary Mastermind

Daniel Adams, the founder, and editor-in-chief of Philocode, is the driving force behind the platform's mission to provide comprehensive and accurate information for the gaming and app communities. With a keen understanding of industry trends and a passion for innovation, Adams has developed Philocode into the go-to destination for gaming and app enthusiasts. His unwavering dedication to excellence sets the standard for the entire team, ensuring that the platform consistently delivers top-quality content.

Game Reviewer - Alexander Brown: The In-depth Analyst

Alexander Brown brings his exceptional analytical skills and gaming acumen to his role as a game reviewer for Philocode. Brown's focus on meticulous examination and insightful commentary helps to provide users with well-rounded reviews that cater to a wide range of interests. His expertise is crucial to maintaining Philocode's reputation as a trusted source for game enthusiasts.

Game Reviewer - Joshua Jackson: The Enthusiastic Evaluator

As a game reviewer for Philocode, Joshua Jackson pours his passion for gaming into thought-provoking reviews that resonate with the community. His enthusiasm for exploring different gaming genres and styles offers users a fresh perspective on the latest gaming releases. Jackson's dedication to providing quality content lends itself to the continued growth and success of Philocode.

Game Reviewer - Michael Thompson: The Genre-blending Specialist

Michael Thompson's depth of knowledge in various gaming genres makes him an invaluable asset to the Philocode team. As a game reviewer, Thompson dedicates himself to crafting well-researched and engaging reviews that showcase his expertise and help users discover new games. His unique approach to blending genres and uncovering new trends contributes to Philocode's position as a preferred platform for gaming information and reviews.

Game Reviewer - Benjamin Taylor: The Technical Expert

Leveraging his extensive background in coding and game development, Benjamin Taylor provides critical technical insights as a game reviewer for Philocode. His deep understanding of game mechanics and design enables him to evaluate games from a comprehensive and knowledgeable standpoint. Taylor’s contributions have further solidified Philocode’s status as an industry leader in game reviews and news.

Game Reviewer - Samuel Wilson: The Creative Storyteller

Samuel Wilson's passion for immersive storytelling carries his work as a game reviewer for Philocode. Wilson's skillful narrative reviews and appreciation for plot development allow for engaging and in-depth analysis of gaming experiences. His creative approach to reviews ensures that users are captivated by the entirety of the gaming world, from gameplay to storyline.

Game Reviewer - Olivia Johnson: The Diverse Game Aficionado

As a game reviewer at Philocode, Olivia Johnson demonstrates her versatility and devotion to covering various gaming genres. With her finger on the pulse of emerging trends and the latest releases, Johnson provides valuable insights into the gaming landscape. Her aptitude for designing comprehensive reviews enables her to connect with a broad audience of gamers and enhance the user experience on Philocode.

Game Reviewer - Sophia Robinson: The Detail-oriented Thinker

Sophia Robinson applies her meticulous attention to detail and nuanced understanding of various game mechanics as a game reviewer for Philocode. By constructing thoughtful and nuanced critiques, she enables users to make informed decisions regarding their next gaming experience. Robinson's well-rounded reviews are integral to the ongoing success of Philocode as a trusted resource for gamers.

Game Reviewer - Mia Taylor: The Innovative Tactician

Mia Taylor constantly strives for innovation in her role as a game reviewer for Philocode. Her strategic approach to game analysis and her keen eye for emerging trends allow her to deliver fresh, compelling content to the gaming community. Taylor's consistent pursuit of innovation allows her to maintain her status as a game-changer in the field of game reviews and news.

Game Reviewer - Charlotte Smith: The Eager Explorer

Charlotte Smith's enthusiasm for discovering new gaming worlds manifests in her work as a game reviewer for Philocode. Her adventurous nature and passion for exploration provide her with unique insights and engaging reviews, ensuring that users are consistently informed of the latest gaming experiences. Smith contributes extensively to the rise of Philocode as an essential platform for gamers and app users.

Game Reviewer - Isabella Davis: The Multi-platform Savant

As a game reviewer for Philocode, Isabella Davis demonstrates an exceptional understanding of multiple gaming platforms, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. By navigating and reviewing games on various platforms, Davis ensures that Philocode remains a comprehensive resource for gamers seeking diverse and insightful reviews.

We are eager to hear your thoughts as well. Every gamer, who wants to share a unique view of the game or app, can do it via the contact form. We don’t limit you to particular games in mind. Even our freelance copywriters write about their favorite games or at least those strong awaking feelings in their hearts. We welcome negative reviews as well, as long as there are no F words.

Our Story

In the beginning, there was a word, and the word was Games. For every geek in our team, this word means everything, including unreachable dreams of the future when playing games and talking about them is a reality. Growing up in different places and various states, without even knowing each others’ WoW nicknames, we still had the same dreams to prove that these are more than games.

It was only natural that we quickly found each other on the net and decided to create a friendly community of gamers. The last newbie in our crew was lured by our brave Captain on one of the Fortnite’s events. Perhaps, Captain just threatened him with a bloodcurdling death, but this story is still a mystery to us.

The team is small and home-like, with the scent of baked reviews and friendly quarrels over the favorite games. We all have our preferences and favorites. Some were raised on Mario, while others' youth began with Minecraft. Nevertheless, we all have one intention, which is to do objective reviews, slightly mixing them with personal thoughts and ideas.

What to Expect from Us

Basically, we offer you a constantly growing catalog of versatile reviews, a platform for articles and personal opinions, where you can also find enough free space for your own thoughts. Here, we provide you with:

  • Detailed reviews on the games that were just released;
  • News about upcoming games with hints on what to expect from them;
  • Simple guides on our favorite games;
  • Articles from your fellow players on the games they like;
  • Your tips and reviews on the games you like are gently placed in the blog;
  • Safe space to express your thoughts under each game or app.

We have only one rule here, which is: Be Tolerant of Different Points of View. By following it, you will quickly become a valuable asset in this geeky small world created by us. Subscribe to our pages to be able to receive fresh news any time you want. Don’t forget to support us with your kindest comments so we know that you care. If you have more questions about your options, you can fill in the contact form.

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