Review by Alexander Brown

 Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror title where you will try to sneak into your neighbor’s house next to yours. If you do not succeed, you’ll have a rather depressing ending. The game is complicated and that can be a reason to refuse to continue or vice versa to try harder to win.

Horrible graphics

The design differs from one scene to another. There are colorful characters, furnished premises and at the same time, the environment can be quite dark. The Neighbor looks quite creepy with his rectangular head and a thick mustache. Be ready for some violence scary images.

What is it all about?

There is an idea that the antagonist of the key character has locked his poor son in his awful house for some reason. You suspect him and try to find out the details to rescue that little boy. When you try to penetrate into the neighbor’s house, you can be trapped and if it happens, the neighbor will catch and kill you.

There are three acts during which you will try to find a way to get inside the creepy basement. In every following act, the floor plan is extended and the challenges become more complicated and at the same time, the larger environment will provide more space between you and the neighbor. While in a small cottage you will hardly escape him. All that you can do is to prevent him from reaching you, slowing him down with various objects. You will hide, escape, and try again.

Will you want to play it again?

Be ready to play against an advanced artificial intellect. It learns from every solution and step. The continuous attempts to get into the basement undetected will become tiresome soon. The gameplay is designed for about 20 hours but that tension will get dull long before. You will be afraid of getting caught and that is a virtue of the title. The developer has managed to create the needed atmosphere, but thick and fast failures will be annoying and that is for you to decide whether you should continue to climb through the windows, sneak through the doors, carefully escape the traps and cameras… and be caught again finally.


We hope that playing this game you will definitely enjoy the clever level design. You will be frightened even and that is the talent of the developer to bring you into this condition. But the lack of instructions on how to interact with this smart artificial intellect can make you disappointed.


  • The navigation in the labyrinth of the house can be exciting.
  • There are a lot of enigmas in the game.
  • It develops your patience.