Review by Alexander Brown

Among Us is a multiplayer game released in 2018 by InnerSloth. The history of the popularity of this game is quite interesting. At first, it did not attract enough attention, but in 2020 its finest hour came. The game is available on such platforms as Windows, iOS and Android and Nintendo Switch. So everybody can download Among Us to the desired device.

Mysterious and Dangerous Space

So you have a team of up to 10 people who are exploring outer space in a large ship. Your task is to keep the vessel in working order by completing small and pretty simple quests. But the trouble is, the team has one or more traitors (depending on the selected settings). Traitors are chosen at random, so you can only judge by their actions. Traitors do not care what course you take or which compartment you need to get rid of garbage. They are thirsty for blood and will hunt you, waiting for the moment when you lose your guard.

Save Your Life and Ship

As a crew member, you have a list of tasks that need to be completed, eliminating all problems on the spacecraft. Everyone has their own list, although the tasks may be repeated. The faster you complete all tasks, and the more participants survive, the more likely it is to win, even if you do not identify the traitor during the discussion and voting. To win, the traitor needs to eliminate as many peaceful astronauts as possible and prevent them from completing the task. Although this is where the traitor starts to get into trouble, even dead team members can continue to complete missions. So you have to be very fast, but do not forget to be careful. From the advantage, you can move around the ventilation or just wait. You will not be visible to other participants, even if they are following you on surveillance cameras.

How little is needed for fun

You will not see graphics that are amazing in this game, but you have everything you need. Cartoon 2D graphics are enough to make it clear, pleasing to the eye, and funny. One of the visual part's main advantages is the ability to make your character special with the color of the spacesuit, adorable headdresses, and even pets. The mask of the plague doctor is especially amusing.

To control the character, you have a joystick in the lower right corner or a mouse if you are playing from a PC. The main thing is to open the map from time to time to understand where you are and not get lost on the ship.


If you love Mafia, this multiplayer game will surely make your list of favorites too. Also, you can download Among Us easily. This is the perfect way to get away from the pandemic's news and spend an evening with friends while being in different places. In short, it's fun, exciting, and, most importantly, safe. 


  • Three locations with different tasks;
  • It’s enjoyable to play on both sides;
  • The ability to create funny characters;