Review by Alexander Brown

 Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a sandbox title designed for mobile devices. Now you can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition to the desired device. Here you will explore the beautiful worlds full of living beings, resources, chances. You will erect various constructions from the simplest houses to the splendid castles. You will defend your property, fight against raiders, and even raid yourself.

It is beautifully done

This is a brilliant version of the origin with the detailed design without compromising on quality. You will get plenty of building materials in the form of LEGO bricks of different shapes and colors. It is possible to do anything with them and every player will create a unique environment looking like the real one with all those shadows and reflection. The blocky map is really diverse and juicy.

Wealth of experience

Pocket Edition is technically almost the same compared to the origin. Though you will experience differences in gameplay, features, and performance – that is natural. From the very beginning, you will find yourself – a key character you are suggested to navigate – on the large beautiful island. There are various biomes here including fields, forests, sea, desserts, and so on.

You should walk around exploring the map and find the resources which will help you to live, build, and progress. Piece by piece you will put them together and arrange your virtual reality. Here you will get the freedom to create anything. There is a Survival Mode where you are expected to overcome difficulties and fight with enemies at night.

Lasting appeal

You will get randomly generated worlds meaning that there is no repetitiveness. You will be suggested to try the diverse conditions to live in. You will be engaged by this game totally building and fighting, breeding pets, looking for vital resources, and completing your missions.

There are a lot of side challenges that really impress. There is the marketplace with the latest community creations and Add-Ons with endless customization and modifications. You can play this title with up to 10 friends cross-platform. It is easy to jump instantly into multiplayer and arrange the world around on your own.


This game is one of the best and it is available on the go. If after you have read this review you still hesitate, we suggest downloading Minecraft: Pocket Edition, also it has a free 30-day trial version.


  • This game enables creativity.
  • It is tense at the right moments.
  • You’ll play to nice piano compositions.