Review by Olivia Johnson
5 is a driving simulation game which is currently being developed by the team of BeamNG. It is a vehicle destruction simulator, meaning that it has a variety of different types of vehicles, and their destruction is a key element of the game. The game is still in the alpha stage, meaning that it is in development and is free to purchase.


There are a variety of different vehicles, each with their own specifications. These specifications include the weight of the vehicle, the ground clearance, and the power of the engine. 

The player will be awarded points for any destruction that they cause to the vehicle, such as the destruction of the engine, the suspension, the transmission, and the destruction of the body. The player also has the ability to upgrade their vehicle with different components, including tires, exhaust, and different types of engine and transmission.


The graphics are not detailed, but they still have a realistic look to them which is pleasing to the eye.


The game is not currently finished, but it is still a good game to play.


  • The game has a realistic look to it
  • There is a variety of different vehicles
  • The player can destroy different parts of the vehicle
  • The player can upgrade their vehicle
  • The player will be rewarded for any destruction of the vehicle
  • The game is free to download and play


  • The game is currently in the alpha stage, and is not finished
  • The graphics are not detailed
  • There are not many collision types yet


Overall, is a fairly good game to play. It is not finished, but it is in the alpha stage and it is free to play. It is a vehicle destruction simulation game, with the destruction of the vehicle being a key element of the game. The game has a realistic look to it, with the graphics being not as detailed. The player can destroy a variety of different parts of the vehicle, and can be rewarded for such destruction. The player can also upgrade their vehicle to have an increased chance of survival. There are not many disadvantages to this game, but the game is not finished and the graphics are not particularly detailed.