Review by Alexander Brown

Flow: Sketch, Draw, Take Notes is a very unique and fun app for iPad and iPhone. If you like to draw and sketch, this is a good, easy-to-use app. It has a nice design and it's easy to use. This app is an all-in-one drawing and sketching app for iPad and iPhone. It's easy to use and fun to use.


With Flow: Sketch, Draw, Take Notes, you can draw sketches and notes, and create lists and notes. It is an incredibly useful app for organizing your time or writing down your ideas and inspirations. The app allows you to write in your own handwriting for your notes and lists. You can also use one of the many different colors, thicknesses, and sizes that the app provides.


The app's interface is very clear and minimalistic, it includes the drawing space and a set of tools that you can use, like pencils, brushes, markers, colours, erasers, etc. The app is designed in such way that you can change the size of your brush or pencil just by scrolling the screen up or down. When you are drawing or taking notes, you can zoom in or out using two fingers. It's really intuitive and it works very well.


The app is really easy to use, the interface is simple and the set of tools can provide you with anything you would want to use for making sketches or drawings.

The pencil tool is really comfortable and precise, and the feature that allows you to easily change the color and the thickness of the pencil is great. The brush is not my favorite one, but it is definitely functional and it allows you to easily change the thickness and the color.

The same goes for the marker, it is not precise but it is functional. The eraser is also very simple and it works the way I expect it to.

All of the tools are very responsive and you can change their properties really quickly.