Review by Benjamin Taylor

Gacha Life, a role-playing game by Lunime Inc., was released in October 2018 for Samsung, Android, and iOS users. The primary highlight of the game is the capability to craft unique, anime-styled characters that you can personalize to your heart's content. Mostly popular among pre-teens and younger adolescents, especially girls, it offers an engaging and interactive gameplay experience. This article comprehensively reviews Gacha Life, highlighting the aspects that make it distinctive and point out certain areas of concern.

The Art of Character Creation

Firstly, children get drawn to Gacha Life due to the creative freedom of designing their characters. Eight character slots are available on the home screen, where players can craft pre-made characters, which can be customized as per their imagination. While these eight characters primarily appear in ‘Studio Mode’ or ‘Skit Maker’; additional slots are available for expanding the character base, enhancing the creative possibilities.

Experience the Excitement of Studio Mode

Another intriguing feature is the ‘Studio Mode’. This enables players to create a scene using the eight customized characters, which can be arranged to interact or pose for a group picture. Various editing options are available, such as adding props, positioning characters, altering chat bubbles, and selecting desired backgrounds. Players can also save the scenes for future reloading and modifications.

Unleashing Creativity With Skit Maker

The Skit Maker is another feature that captivates children's imagination. This tool empowers players to create individual narratives with their characters, allowing a maximum of 100 scenes per skit. Players can direct two characters on screen at a time, including dialogues and changing their poses and facial expressions.

Engage With Mini-Games

Gacha Life further incorporates eight mini-games, where players can compete to achieve high scores and earn rewarding gems. These mini-games offer a fun and engaging break from the character designing and story creation elements.

Interactions Via Chat Feature

Gacha Life promotes community interaction via the chat feature. However, players need to reach level 10 to unlock this feature and share their creations with other players.


  • Boosts creativity and imagination through character designing and story-telling;
  • Offers an engaging community interaction platform;
  • Entertains players with mini-games, which also reward gems;


  • Appropriate only for children who are mature enough to understand online safety rules;
  • Without parental guidance, there's a risk of potentially unsuitable content and interaction with strangers;
  • Prolonged screen time may have adverse effects on kids;


Gacha Life, while a fun game that promotes creativity and storytelling, has raised concerns due to some inappropriate content. Its interactive nature invites potential online threats. Therefore, while it permits children to express their creativity, it's crucial for parents to monitor and guide their kids' online activities for their safety and well-being. Ultimately, Gacha Life is more fitting for children who already comprehend internet safety measures.