Review by Alexander Brown

Venturing into the universe of 'Poppy Playtime', a horror puzzle adventure set in an eerily abandoned toy factory, is a gripping experience. The game revels in a playful paradox, contrasting the childlike innocence associated with toys and the spine-tingling fear ambushed within its narrative. It makes you question: is your next best friend waiting for you, or could it be your worst nightmare?

Gameplay: A Dynamic Mix of Puzzle-Solving and Terror

Poppy Playtime’s gameplay delivers a remarkable fusion of horror and puzzles, giving player adrenaline rushes and intellectual challenges in equal measures. It’s not just about running and hiding but also solving intricate electrical puzzles, thanks to the GrabPack – a tool that lets players interact and meddle with the factory's internal system. The gameplay excels in both eerie quiet moments and terrifying chase scenes, showcasing a dynamic style that maintains thrill and suspense.

Graphics: Retro-Futuristic Aesthetics with a Twisted Touch

Poppy Playtime's visual appeal lies in its ability to appropriately communicate a sense of dread and unease. The game leverages an art style that could remind one of the retro toys in a wicked and distorted version of reality. Its well-drawn, unique toy characters, from Bot to Huggy, add a delightful yet spooky twist to the gaming aesthetics.

Features: Innovative Usage of Tools and Characters

This game brilliantly brings innovation to horror gaming by incorporating useful tools such as the GrabPack and designing distinct characters like Huggy and Catbee. It gives players the freedom to explore or solve puzzles by hacking electrical circuits or grabbing objects from a distance, thereby adding an additional layer of complexity and engagement.

Unraveling the Mystery: A Unique Storyline

The storyline is astoundingly absorbing. The mystery of Playtime Co, once the pinnacle of the toy industry and suddenly abandoned, intrigues the player's curiosity. The disappearance of everyone in the factory adds an enticing depth to the game and creates a sense of impending danger and a mystery worth exploring.


  • As remarkable as the game is, it's not without shortcomings; 
  • The game could have benefitted from more variety in gameplay and locations;
  • The replay value of the game is somewhat limited due to its linear nature. Also, the lack of diverse characters hurts the game's overall appeal;


  • Poppy Playtime excels exceptionally in fostering an atmosphere of menacing dread while maintaining a playful charm;
  • Its intriguing storyline, complex puzzles, creative use of tools, and distinct toy characters all collaborate to create an unforgettable gaming experience;


Poppy Playtime stands out for its innovative approach to the horror genre, convincingly combining chilling scares with puzzle-solving and exploration. Its terror-filled toy factory world, challenging puzzles, and distinct characters make it a memorable game. Concurrently, it invites improvement in gaming diversity to ensure a richer experience. Poppy Playtime represents a refreshing new facet of horror games, where fear doesn’t just evoke terror but teases your intellect as well. One must say, it's playtime, but not as we know it.