Review by Alexander Brown

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based service designed for business communications. The app helps teams to share files, discuss projects, meet online, and more. Microsoft says the tool encourages communication in the world of mobile workforces.

Five Main Segments

A free version of the service arrived in 2018, delivering limited user count and storage capacity. The app breaks down into five categories:

  1. The team is a virtual apartment where all users can communicate.
  2. Channel is a room in the apartment that's open to invited users. Administrators can create Channels with themes, such as Accounting, Editorial, etc.
  3. Channel Tabs is a place for shared files, posts, and other content.
  4. Activity Feed, as the name suggests, shows recent activity.
  5. A private Chat between all invited users.

Administrators first create teams followed by channels. A person can be assigned to many channels.

Accessible Collaboration and Communication

Microsoft Teams is designed to make communication more accessible for employees. Users can optimize their work hours according to their needs and job requirements. For example, they can set quiet hours and control their after-work time.

When Microsoft launched the app, the main selling point was its integration with Office 365. On top of that, you can use Office Lens. This tool optimizes photos of a whiteboard and makes the board writing show up better. All users can conveniently communicate over the shared files.

The biggest benefit of the service is delivering a clean and consistent experience. If an employee is a part of many teams, they don't need to create many accounts. Instead, they can just jump between different chats.

Built-In Translator

With Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with people who don't speak English. When a comment appears in another language, simply select Translate in the drop-down menu. The app supports 44 languages. When you type a message, you can immediately translate it into another language. Whether you use the service to connect with business partners and suppliers or expand your horizons, the translation feature will make communication easier. Other tools include GIFs, stickers, and emoji.


Microsoft Teams is one of the best communication tools on the market. It started as a simple addition to Office 365 and evolved into something more complex. The app is highly compelling for businesses looking to transition to a new platform.


  • Unlimited chat messages;
  • 1 TB storage space;
  • Quality audio and video calling;
  • Real-time content creation.