Review by Michael Thompson

WhatsApp Messenger is a free mobile app allowing you to chat with any users of the app. It offers to exchange textual, audio, voice messages, and make video calls. There are no limits and no fees. It sounds like a miracle! But this is real reality.

Simple as it is

When you download the app, you will see a clear layout. There is nothing to add. You can adjust settings to make it convenient to use the app, choose the Dark mode, for instance, and enjoy its smooth operation.

How to use?

Download and launch the application from any store you have access to. Just tap on the icon that has appeared on your home screen and open it. Accept terms, select your country, and provide the other details needed to get the SMS registration code. Enter this code and follow the instructions. Now you can set up your profile, add your contacts using the address book of your smartphone.

By the way, the app allows you to grant access to your content on a selective basis. All done! Now you can start chatting. Tap the correspondent icon, scroll the list, that you see, to find the needed person. You can send any video or photo you have already or take it right at the moment with your camera and send it. The app allows you to create a group consisting of up to 256 people. If something goes wrong, you are able to block any contact and send the alarming reports.

The ways to communicate

In addition to textual chatting, you can send voice messages and forget about tiresome typing. You can make an audio recording right in the app following the instructions. Do not forget to switch on the microphone. Also, you are suggested to benefit from voice calls. In the Calls tab, you should tap the needed icon – a phone handset. Find the contact you are interested in and launch a voice call. And the app comes with video calls too. The above methods can be diverted with various visual effects.


This is a reliable polished app that can be used for private and business purposes. You can be sure of its safety and stable operation. Communicate by any means on the go. Mind that the app asks for quite many permissions needed for you to benefit from its functionality.


  • There are diverse and accurate customization tools.
  • The app comes with helpful group chat features
  • You can add your location easily.