Review by Sophia Robinson

Disney+ is an ad-free video streaming service that offers exclusive Disney titles, as well as movies and TV shows from Pixar, Fox, Marvel, and National geographic. The app allows 4K streaming, up to 7 profiles, four simultaneous streamers, and unlimited downloads.

Content Library

Disney+ has a unique content library. Not every title is amazing, but Disney knows that its brand is strong. The app is divided into brand-related categories: Pixar, Marvel, and so on. When Disney acquired Fox, it brought titles like Avatar and Simpsons to the service.

Yes, Netflix and Amazon have their own libraries, but no one has so many recognizable cartoons and movies like Disney. Like Star Wars? Disney+ has the entire series. Love classic Disney animation? Here are all big titles and smaller movies like Three Caballeros. There should be no hesitation to pop on a vast library of good content.

Subscription Options

It's worth noting that you can try Disney+ for free for seven days. After that, monthly and annual subscriptions are offered. Disney+ is quite affordable. It will make the smallest dent in your bank account while offering as many hours of content as compatible apps.

With a subscription, you can watch shows on four different devices, whether you are at home or on the go. There are no constraints on the number of downloaded titles or how many times a title can be downloaded.

Meant for Children

Disney+ is the best service for families with children. It offers an entire library of Pixar and Disney cartoons, as well as Disney Channel's shows. The app has a Kids mode that allows parents to set an account for their kids and manage available content. When you're traveling, you can download cartoons to keep children busy. Every Disney title released in theaters is available on Disney+.


Disney+ offers superb streaming experience with up to 4K video quality and HDR10 or Dolby Atmos immersive audio on all supported devices. The interface is simple to use, and you can set up a separate profile for every family member. Overall, it's a must for Disney fans.


  • Low subscription cost;
  • Tons of Disney titles;
  • Offline downloads;
  • Quality streaming (up to 4K);
  • No connectivity problems.