Review by Sophia Robinson

Netflix is probably one of the most discussed streaming services due to its diversity, high-quality original content, and rather a high price compared to the analogs. The mobile application comes with almost identical functionality and plenty of shows, movies, documentaries, programs. You can download Netflix and join this big community right now.


The design is well-done with an uncluttered interface. The Home page includes two bars: on the top with key categories of the content and on the bottom with various options like the search icon and menu. When you start viewing the video, right on the screen there are simple, comprehensive, and responsive controls.

Easy usage

You will cope with navigation without efforts. As anywhere almost, here you are suggested to browse new titles or benefit from a search option. Or you can count on the artificial intellect which will find the content in accordance with your preference.

The more you use the app, the more accurately Netflix guesses your favorites. In order to take advantage of this terrific option, every member of your family can create their own account and enjoy personalized user experience.

The offer is restricted with five profiles. You can download any content and preview a quick video. The app notifies about fresh releases. It allows you to start movies from the place you left off and continue. Ensure that you do not go over limits of your data plan and it is able to support streaming which can consume a lot of data.

In favor of original content

The extremely rich catalog of this app is added and changed all the time. The app offers plenty of third-party websites, articles on various themes like “Coming or leaving content this week” to inform you about the changes. There are numerous TV shows, a handful of episodes. The content is mostly family-friendly that is why your kids can enjoy it too. Netflix increases its original content while the volume of the library has decreased recently. Mind that the show you like may disappear from the list one day.


You will hardly find a better streaming application than Netflix at a quite affordable price. The subscription is higher compared to the competitors but it’s worth it. It starts from $7.99 a month with plenty of entertainment content. Here you can do anything you usually do use the Netflix site. We absolutely recommend downloading Netflix.


The interface is similar to the original website.
The streaming is ad-free.
There are perfect features.
It can boast of high-quality streaming.