Review by Joshua Jackson

Spotify is one of the best music services available with millions of songs and podcasts from artists all over the world. Despite the serious competition, it is a top player due to its unique features. If you want to download Spotify, it doesn't cost anything. There is a free version for you to test out if you don't want any commitment.

Unlimited Songs All Day Long

Spotify looks exactly the same on all platforms. There is a search bar where you can enter your search to get thousands of songs. You need to have a good internet connection, and you're sorted. If you love to listen to the same song over and over again, the app has you covered. You can save titles in your playlist and replay them as often as you want.

Sadly, you can play music from one device at a time. You can also use your phone as a remote to increase or decrease volume.

Finding Music

There are over 50 million songs available in the app, and many ways to find them. Swipe left or right to get a slide-out menu, and then tap the icon at the top left. You can jump between different sections, each with different content.

At the top of the main screen is a search bar, which is the main tool for finding any album, artist, podcast, playlist, or show. You can browse playlists by typing keywords, such as "pop running" or "2000 summer."

Check out the Now page for suggested playlists for the time of the day. If you swipe left or right, the playlist will start playing. You could easily spend the entire day listening to Spotify's suggestions.

Connecting with People

You can view your friend's playlists and follow their accounts. By turning on the collaborative playlist option you will be able to create playlists with friends. Or you can poke fun at your friends for their fancy ABBA playlist. If publishing your activity and preferences sounds creepy, you can activate a Private Listening Mode. Additionally, you can save your friend's playlists on your phone's home screen.


Spotify is so popular for a good reason. It has solid search tools to find music across all genres and years. There are millions of songs for every occasion, from falling asleep to partying in the backyard. Social features allow you to check out what others are doing. We absolutely recommend downloading Spotify.


  • Millions of songs and podcasts;
  • Free version with ads;
  • Download songs;
  • Extra socialization features.