Review by Alexander Brown

Calzy is a beautifully designed calculator for iOS devices. It does not feature a huge set of functions but it will be your perfect calculator for everyday use. Calzy is simple to use, has a clean interface and is easy on the eyes.


This calculator will help you to perform your day-to-day mathematical calculations in a much more elegant way. You can store multiple numerical values in the memory area and reuse it across multiple calculating sessions using a simple drag and drop interaction. Calzy supports multiple themes and supports both languages English and Hindi. You can even spell out the calculation result in English and 65 other languages. Calzy has a unique bookmarking feature where you can save any of your calculations with date and title for your future reference.


Calzy design is fascinating, especially the way it handles so many different aspects of the calculator from the simple and intuitive user interface, to the beautiful and modern design, and the overall interaction of the app with the user. Calzy design fits into a niche of a modern calculator app, especially for people who love to calculate but hate the way most calculator apps look. Calzy design is a true example of a well-designed calculator app.


Calzy is pretty easy to use and it has a couple of features that will make using it even more convenient. Also, it has a minimalistic interface that looks nice and modern. Overall, I'd say, the app has a good usability value and it'll be a great addition to your home screen.