Review by Alexander Brown

If you're not familiar with Voice Dream Reader, it's an app that allows people to listen to text on their iPhone or iPad. It reads text out loud, and syncs with an online cloud system that will save your reading progress, let you bookmark pages, and can read text from websites into the app.


Voice Dream Reader was designed to make reading easy for everybody, regardless of their reading disability. It uses a text-to-speech system to read aloud your books. The Voice Dream Reader app is available on the iTunes App Store, download it to get started. Voice Dream Reader is a great way to listen to books. It provides clear, natural-sounding voices to help you read.


The design of the app is simple and mostly reminds of pdf readers. It is possible to change the font, text size and background color of the document. It is also possible to change the speed of the reading.


The app is very convenient and comfortable. The voice is very clear and natural. I like it very much. I can listen to any text on the internet as well as my own documents. I do not need to spend time learning how to use it. I like the idea that I can listen to the text and keep my hands free for other things. I like the voice and the pauses.