Review by Sophia Robinson

Monument Valley is a puzzle game in which players have to guide the main character, a princess, through a series of optical illusions that can alter her size, perspective and shape. The goal is to reach a door that is the key to her mother's kingdom. Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed by ustwo. The player is tasked with guiding a princess named Ida through an architectural world in order to find her stolen child. Ida's journey takes her through beautiful scenery and geometric objects.


The gameplay consists of a series of puzzles to navigate the princess to the next level. Each level consists of a series of optical illusions. The player has to guide the princess by moving her with taps or swipes in the direction they want her to go. There are also buttons that allow the player to rotate the level in order to navigate the princess. The player takes the role of Ida, the princess, and must complete a series of puzzles. For each level there are three stars that can be collected, and each star is hidden in a different puzzle. The puzzles are similar to the classic "sliding blocks" puzzle, but the player must work around a geometric shape. The player can also work on the puzzles in any order they would like.


The graphics are minimalistic and 2D. They consist of color illustrations with animations. The graphics are beautiful, and the game itself is definitely worth the price tag. The puzzles are very detailed, and it is possible to see the care that went into making the game.


The game is replayable, as there are many levels of increasingly difficult puzzles. Monument Valley is a game that will take around four or five hours to complete, so it is not a game that will be completed quickly. There are no options for more difficult puzzles, but the player can go back and collect the stars they missed.


  • The game has an engaging story line
  • The puzzles are engaging and progressively more difficult
  • The game is fun and simple to play


  • The game is short, with only a few levels
  • The game may not be as engaging for players who are not interested in puzzles


Monument Valley is a beautiful, simple puzzle game with a great story line. It is worthy of its price tag, and is fun for both casual players and gamers who are more experienced. I would definitely recommend this game.