Review by Isabella Davis

Day R Premium is a zombie-themed game where the player must survive through day, night and day again. The player must find food and shelter in order to survive, while also finding weapons and items to help protect themselves against the horde of zombies that will come out during the night. Day R Premium is a strategy game where players are given a role to play. The goal is to survive in a zombie apocalypse by scavenging for supplies and food and defending themselves from the undead.


Day R Premium starts off with the player waking up in the middle of a zombie-infested city. They must find a weapon and some food in order to survive. When they find food they have to pick it up, and then they can either eat it or save it for later. Sometimes a zombie will also come up and attack the player, and if it gets close enough the player will have to hit it with a weapon or run, or it will hit the player and the player will die. This game is a lot like Minecraft, as the player has to find food and weapons, but it is an action game, not a strategy game. The gameplay of Day R Premium consists of gathering supplies and food in a zombie apocalypse. Scavenging for supplies and food includes attacking houses, searching abandoned buildings, and scouring through abandoned vehicles. The player can also craft items such as recipes for food, weapons, and items. Defensive measures are also available, such as traps and barricades, which can be crafted from items obtained from scavenging.


Day R Premium has a very detailed and realistic graphics. The zombies are modeled with a lot of detail. The graphics of Day R Premium are an important aspect of the game. The graphics are in 3-D, and the graphics are realistic.

Information about replayability

After a player finishes Day R Premium, they can start a new game and play through it again. Day R Premium is an open-ended game, making it replayable. You can download Day R Premium easily.


  • Detailed Graphics
  • The player can play through multiple times
  • The player has a lot of choices in the game
  • The player can choose if they want to play as a man or woman
  • The player can choose their own gender
  • The player can choose to play as a cat, dog, or wolf
  • The player can play as a human, zombie, or animal


  • The player can't play as a horse
  • The player can't play as a bear
  • Can't play as a machine
  • Can't play as a car


Great game, definitely worth buying. The gameplay is fun and entertaining, and the graphics are detailed. Overall, this is a great game with a lot of replayability. We recommend download Day R Premium for everyone, who like to get fun!