Review by Benjamin Taylor

The game Stardew Valley is a very popular 2D role-playing game that has many good reviews. It was created by ConcernedApe, and published by Chucklefish. It was released on 26 February 2016. You can easily download Stardew Valley. It was released for Windows, Linux, and OSX. This is a farming simulation game.


There are many different activities in Stardew Valley. The player can plant and harvest crops, raise animals, take care of their farm, and fight monsters. There is a town in the game where the player can make friends and interact with the world. The player also can go mining or fishing. There are many different quests and sidequests in the game, and the player must complete the quests in order to progress in the game.


The graphics are a 2D side-scrolling style, and the in-game graphics are very well done.


There are many different methods of playing Stardew Valley. There are so many different quests and activities in the game that no two games will be the same.


  • The player can do so many things in the game
  • There are many quests and sidequests in the game
  • The graphics are very well done


  • The game can be very challenging
  • The player can get very lonely and  bored with the game
  • The game can get very frustrating


The game Stardew Valley is very popular due to the many things that the player can do in the game. The game is very well done, and is very replayable. We absolutely recommend downloading Stardew Valley.