Review by Alexander Brown

Meesho is a marketplace for small businesses to get social media marketing done on the go. It has a huge customer base of small businesses where all of them are e-commerce businesses. Meesho markets itself as a one-stop solution for all of your social media marketing needs.


1. Sell and buy products:

Users can sell and buy products online. They can also share the products with the Meesho's community and get the product reviewed.

2. Easy Shopping:

Users can discover and share products with the community. They can also purchase the products from the community.

3. Share and rate products:

Users can share their thoughts about a product and rate a product. They can also share a product with a community and get the product reviewed.

4. Invite friends:

Users can create a Meesho account using their Facebook account. They can easily share their products and the products of the community with their friends on Facebook.

5. Earn money:

After getting reviewed by the community, if the product gets more than 10 reviews, the seller will get paid by Meesho.


Meesho has a simple interface and isn't overloaded with colors. The background is white, the interface is simple and intuitive and it is very easy to take a look at the product or review it. The shopping is also done very easily.
It is a very good example of good design.


Meesho has an intuitively understandable interface and is easy to use. Meesho allows different methods of payment, provides the option of free refunds and makes instant chat possible. The seller can be easily contacted and suggested different ways to help and support them and ask questions. Meesho is a very helpful and useful application with a very easy and user-friendly interface.