Review by Alexander Brown

Tik Tok is a mobile short-form video platform providing tools for the creation and sharing of videos. This is a kind of social media with user-generated content that is available for the users only. You can dance, sing, and do whatever you think can provoke interest and entertain the audience in order to get likes and comments.


The design is quite stylish. The interface is user friendly being packed with icons and images. When you view a video, you have the menu bar on the bottom of the screen, the column of icons with options rightward, and some additional text. Perhaps that is too much, but you will appreciate having all you need at your fingertips when you get used to this layout. In general, the app looks good, and you will cope with all that displayed information without effort.

Too much popular

Teens love TikTok, and at the same time, it is not approved by US authorities. Is this scandal a solid promotional campaign? Or are there reasons for a doubtful reputation of this kind? Anyway, the producer insists that the app is completely safe, and the users all over the world admire it. It comes with diverse settings and tools, allowing you to make videos of high quality. The ready product should be saved in your account so that the other users could view it. Or you can refuse publicity and restrict access to your account. If you decide to delete the account, you should send the developer's relevant request and receive a particular delete code. By the way, you can download TikTok absolutely for free.

Tool set

TikTok could be considered as a professional online music studio unless it does not restrict video-recording duration. The app is frequently updated and provides new options continuously. You can create videos like a music clip or a short film, edit and integrate them. You can change their speed at your sole discretion, apply diverse stickers and filters. Here you can leave your comments and read the comments of other creators – just like when you use any other social media. There is a chatting option.


TikTok keeps efforts to expand and integrates with popular third-party applications to attract even more attention. It offers an efficient tool set, allowing you to promote your products and access a wide community, diverse video content, unique creative ideas, and guarantees of privacy. You can download TikTok right now!


  • This is a multifunctional tool for the creative community.
  • The settings are well-thought and helpful.
  • There are parental control options.