Air Pods vs Air Pods Pro: What to Choose?

  • Alexander Brown
  • 18 Aug 2020

On October 30, 2019, Apple introduced the AirPods Pro wireless headphones, after which the purchase of previous models may seem dull. New items fit better in the ears. They have active noise cancellation, longer battery life, and other features.

It seems that there is no point in competing with them. Let's compare Apple AirPods Pro and AirPod, see how they differ and what the cheaper second-generation of headphones can offer. 


Apple is very fond of using the "Pro" prefix in the names of their products. Still, if such positioning is really justified for Mac, MacBook, and iPad, then in the case of the iPhone and AirPods, such naming raises specific questions. 

However, the developers have more or less clear answers to them – the functions of double active noise cancellation and "transparent" mode, for example, are quite capable of making the new headphones suitable for professional use in some areas.

Design of AirPods vs AirPods Pro

airpods 2019

AirPods Pro is Apple's first in-ear earphones that are reasonably easy to distinguish from previous generations for their ear tips visually. Simultaneously, both the headphones and the charging case have slightly increased in size, and the weight of one "ear" has increased by one and a half grams.

We should also mention the ergonomics of the AirPods Pro model. They have a particular conical cavity inside and technological holes in the silicone coating, making it possible to minimize the pressure on the user's ears and make the device as comfortable as possible. As for the extra accessories, the AirPods Pro case looks the same. 


When developing the design of AirPods Pro, the developers paid attention to protecting the microphones and electronic filing of the accessory from external influences. In particular, the grille of the external microphone has been redesigned. This change does not allow unnecessary noise in the wind and protects against water and sweat entering the housing following the IPX4 standard (IEC 60529). That being said, Apple recommends that you refrain from water sports with your headphones and wipe them dry before charging.

Noise Suppression

airpods pro 2020

When making calls or using Siri, a dedicated 2nd generation AirPods accelerometer recognizes the user's voice. It activates a dedicated filtering mode for microphones, in which they focus on speech and cut out third-party noise. This system works quite well, but it does not compare with the dual noise reduction technology used in AirPods Pro. AirPods perceive ambient sound as waves and attenuate it with similar waves reflected vertically.

Transparent Mode 

Previously, as a sign of respect, they took off their hat when they met, but now they take out one earpiece from their ear. However, no one will do this with AirPods Pro. It is enough to use the pressure sensor on the “leg” to switch the accessory to the “transparent” mode, in which the third-party sound penetrates the ear almost unhindered.

Adaptive Equalizer 

airpods pro with case

Another feature that only new AirPods Pro users will get is the adaptive equalizer, which adjusts the sound to the shape of the user's ears, allowing goblin-type hearing holders to stop hearing echoes when speaking.


As you can see, Apple AirPods Pro wins this competition without any problems. If you own an iPhone, it's better to get AirPods Pro, even if they are more expensive. These earbuds provide great quality and comfort with Apple devices. 

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