Top New iOS 14 Features That Are Not New For Android

  • Alexander Brown
  • 16 Aug 2020

From the very beginning, Apple has formed the image of the only leader in the mobile market, followed by all competitors without exception. iOS vs Android competition is forever. As iOS 14 showed, this was a temporary phenomenon, because Cupertino did not stop adapting other people's developments for themselves. 

Here we have the top of new features for ios 14 supported devices that the owners of Android already have.


With Apple iOS 14  a new Translate app was introduced. It translates from 11 languages. The list includes English, French, German, Chinese, and Korean. For 14 years, the Google app has been translating from 8 languages.


ios 14 widgets

With the new Apple iOS 14, a weather widget will appear on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad. The idea to add widgets to the smartphone desktop appeared long before the release of the first versions of iOS and Android.

Widgets in their usual form appeared in the HTC Touch smartphone, which ran under Windows Mobile. The device was developed in parallel with the first iPhone and focused exclusively on finger control without a stylus. HTC Touch smartphone with simple widgets. Similar developments were clearly seen in the Android operating system almost from the first versions.

On iOS, widgets appeared as panels on the locked screen a few years ago, and last year they were allowed to be added to the left side of the home screen on iPadOS.


Apple App Clips let users see some kind of preview without download. It is convenient as you have to pay for takeaway because App Clips is compatible with Apple Pay. Google Instant Apps was presented in 2016. It gives programs their URL, so the software doesn’t need to be downloaded for one transaction.

Application Library

If earlier, all applications were necessarily displayed on the desktop, now the most necessary icons can flaunt on the main screen, and a complete list of installed software will be available in the same library. This approach is 100% copying the Android logic that can be traced back to the system's first versions. Further, confirm this fact with the ability to hide unnecessary desktops.

Apple Maps and Cycling

apple maps cycling and charging

A special Cycling option will help users find bike paths based on altitude, no matter which route they choose: fast or walking. Google Maps already has a choice of cycling.

Picture in Picture

This mode has been around on iOS for a very long time, but it was only available on the iPad. Apple believed that the screen of the device would not be large enough to accommodate a video window. 

Nowadays, modern smartphone displays’ diagonal is over 6 inches, but Cupertino assumed that this was not enough. However, when developing iOS 14, the company's opinion suddenly changed. This feature of iOS 14 for Android is not new.

The More the Better 

With the new iOS update, the company decided to take the latest worthwhile ideas from Cydia and, along the way, implement features that have existed on Android for a long time.

On the one hand, iOS will lose its simplicity and originality. And it’s the main reason to compare Android with iOS. But on the other hand, the system is becoming more flexible and customizable. If they do it without sacrificing stability and performance, then why not grab some new features? 

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