Batman Meets Fortnite in Zero Point Crossover

  • Elijah Martin
  • 02 Mar 2021

Epic Games and DC have recently announced the crossover with Fortnite and Batman worlds collide. The six-issue miniseries called Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is going to be released this April. The script was written by DC’s genius Christos Gage with the assistance of Chief Creative Officer of Epic Games Donald Mustard.

Gage, whom we know from Legends of the Dark Knight and Deadshot, said in the last interview that he was thrilled by the very idea of mixing Batman and Fortnite when DC chiefs asked him. He noted that they’ve been through lots of consultations with Donald Mustard, learning more about both worlds. Gage also hints that the new series will open us to the Fortnite we have never seen before. Still, it keeps the canon untouched.

The comic book writer shared his intentions to integrate other characters from the DC Super Heroes universe into Fortnite. These characters have a strong connection to Batman. In the new world, according to Gage, these relations can be slightly reshaped. He complimented the art that we apparently see in the new series. It will be appreciated by both fans of Fortnite and Batman, according to him.

Every issue will include the code for the digital items to Fortnite with a DC theme. The first print issue will include the outfit of Rebirth Harley Quinn. The stunning new skin is something worth looking for.

The official announcement by Zero Point reveals more data. It says that the whole of Gotham City will appear in the new reality, bringing everything into a new world of Fortnite. Batman is trapped in Fortnite without remembering anything from his past. He has lost his memory. Now he has to bring back his memories, escaping numerous dangers and dangerous rivals like Bandolier, Fishstick, and Renegade Raider. He uncovers the secrets hidden inside the Island as well, realizing that inside the Zero Point, everything is weirdly connected. 

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