Delta Force: A Potential New King in Large-Scale Gaming Battlefield

  • Alexander Brown
  • 21 Aug 2023

Reboots in the gaming scene are no stranger, and each one brings renewed excitement, reminding us of the classics that made them unforgettable. This time, a blast from the past is making a significant comeback in town. Yes, you've heard it right! Delta Force, the limited series game released in 1998 and last seen in 2009, is making its reappearance with a highly anticipated reboot.

TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent known for notable games like COD Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Pokémon Unite, is the proud developer of the new Delta Force. A short, enticing teaser was released recently, offering us a sneak peek of the several surprises the game has to offer, leaving players on their toes for the untold revelations at Gamescom's opening night.

This rebooted version takes us on a gripping journey back to 1993's Battle of Mogadishu with a single-player campaign setup. The operation, which saw immense participation from Delta Force operators, could be vividly remembered as the inspiration behind the 2001 movie "Black Hawk Down." But the excitement does not end there! The game has a promising multiplayer option featuring extensive Player versus Player(PvP) battles across vast maps on land, sea, and air, reminiscent of the vast Battlefield combat scenes.

The game provides features that might not be considered historically accurate but are aimed at enhancing the gaming experience. Elements such as 'recon arrows' shot from bows, or a soldier gaining power through a wrist-mounted device that is seemingly anachronistic for the 1990s military operations, give a fantastical touch to an otherwise realistic gameplay milieu. Furthermore, it is fascinating to note that Delta Force might be traversing several 'eras,' much similar to Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode, thereby providing a variety of gameplay scenarios.

With Battlefield currently in a slump due to a series of shortcomings and a shrinking player base, the gaming field is ripe for a new player to take the crown. Will Delta Force be the one to revitalize large-scale combat gaming with its fresh, albeit nostalgic approach and topped with interesting variations? Only time will tell.

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