Google Photos Makes Screenshots Available with a Quick Shortcut

  • Elijah Martin
  • 28 Mar 2022

While Google Photos is a great tool for storing and sorting pictures in the cloud, it’s quite an awkward tool for handling local images. Luckily, the situation may change soon, as a very interesting new feature has been spotted. Thanks to the watchers from a Telegram channel tracking all Google updates.

 The screenshots shared on this channel clearly demonstrate a new shortcut that appears on top of the app. Not only is it quite easy to tap, given its large size – much bigger than that of a typical thumbnail that causes no problems either. It’s also very informative. 

 First, it indicates that it relates to the local phone memory; which can be told from a phone icon, instead of a cloud for Google Photos. Second, it has a name; on the picture, it’s “Screenshots”, revealing what sort of images to search there. Third, it shows the number of new images that you can find there, with a folder icon and thumbnails upon it.

 It’s not clear yet whether this shortcut is stationary, or it appears just as new pictures appear in a certain folder. Neither is it known whether it is only for screenshots or for other folders as well, including user-created ones. But anyway, this innovation is a great addition to the app. Anyway, when you need a screenshot, in most situations it’s a recent one, maybe taken minutes ago.

 When it comes to local image management, Google Photos is still behind both Apple's original gallery and third-party apps for Android. With additions like this coming often, though, it may evolve the way YouTube Music does and slowly become very competitive in its segment. Its integration with Google Drive is already a thing, even despite cutting unlimited storage. Improved usability may eliminate any need for other gallery apps.

 Have you already received the update in question? Does it fit our description, or are there any other great features we missed? We’d like you to leave your impressions here in the comments.

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