Twitter Timelines Get COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Box

  • Joshua Jackson
  • 29 Apr 2021

On April 26, Twitter announced an update that will add a COVID-19 vaccine fact box at the top of the app’s timeline. Now the feature is live and lets you get more familiar with the vaccine and receive information on the safety and efficiency directly from healthcare authorities and medical experts. The company tweeted that it struggles to deliver the latest vaccine information to the users, depending on their location. 

Other social networks don’t lag behind and offer similar informational prospects to their users. For example, YouTube has recently started promoting vaccine PSAs and highlighting the positive changes that wait for humanity after we fight the pandemic. Facebook sends users direct notifications to let them know when their state launches vaccination. 

Twitter’s initiative is currently live in the US, but the company plans to enable displays in other countries too when it “sees the sense in doing so.” However, it’s an excellent way to keep the nation more informed about vaccination. Do you think the update is actually helpful? Did it spill more light on vaccination to you? Share the news on Twitter and let’s discuss it.

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