YouTube Music Issues with Casting to TVs and Chromecast Reported

  • Elijah Martin
  • 30 Mar 2022

One of the greatest things about music streaming apps is that you can listen to the music from them unlimitedly. There are some limitations, though, about where you can listen. And sometimes they come unexpectedly. For example, an issue with YouTube Music made casting to Google devices like Google/Android TV and Chromecast impossible.

 It happened on March 25, and the outage of this feature caught many users by surprise. While listening to the music on the phone is great with a pair of decent earphones, at home you’d prefer something with more powerful speakers. And as YouTube Music supports video much better than alternative services, it’s logical to connect it to your TV – directly (if it’s Android TV or Google TV) or through Chromecast.

 When this feature turned out to be out, users shared their problems on Reddit, searching for a solution. The problem appeared to be quite common among YouTube Music users. Some Redditors reported the same issue with the main YouTube app, but it was too sporadic next to that with the music app. At the same time, YouTube Music experienced no problems with casting to devices like Nest Hub or Google Assistant speakers. The issue was only with devices developed by Google and able to play video.

 On the same day, the issue was first spotted, Google recognized it publicly and replied on its support site. As its reply concluded, the problem had something to do with the service’s main page where the app got stuck. It didn’t take Google long to fix this issue. More than that: very soon Google-enabled Shuffle and Repeat modes while casting after these features had been absent for two years.

 Have you run into this casting issue? Did the update solve the problem for you? Was it also happening with the main YouTube app? Tell us in the comments how you survived this!

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