A Closer Look at Atomic Heart: FOV Slider and Other Changes

  • Alexander Brown
  • 16 Mar 2023

Atomic Heart, the FPS title that made headlines for its unusual elements like a lustful fridge, launched with no field-of-view controls in the options menu. Despite the disappointment among fans, a custom FOV slider mod quickly became the most popular, being downloaded by over 19,000 players. The developers have now made patches to the game that address many of the issues, adding FOV settings, ultrawide fixes, and disabling mouse acceleration. Let’s take a look at what Atomic Heart has to offer and what other changes have been made in the latest patch. 

When Atomic Heart was first released, it made waves due to its in-game elements, such as a talking fridge and robot dogs, both of which have a role to play within the game. But the game also sparked controversy due to its themes, which heavily revolve around Russian history and national identity. Reviewer Rich Stanton stated, “The game, on the one hand, pines for the era where Russia led the space race, and the names of its cosmonauts traveled the world, and on the other is clear-eyed about what kind of system that was, and how its principles are still being used to subjugate a population under the guise of comradeship.”

The recently released patch for Atomic Heart, v1.3.4.0, adds a number of features and changes that players have been asking for. This includes adding FOV settings, ultrawide fixes, and removing mouse acceleration, along with bug fixes and other optimizations. The developers also promise further updates that will bring in more options for resizing the UI and subtitles, remapping controller inputs, and Steam Deck support. 

The modding community has been an especially big part of the Atomic Heart experience. The custom FOV slider mod, in particular, was exceedingly popular, with over 19,000 downloads. Other mods are available, such as the NSFW Nude Twins mod, which has seen 5,800 downloads so far.

In conclusion, Atomic Heart is a unique FPS game, and its initial launch was met with mixed reactions. But it has since been patched with new features and improvements, making it more complete. The latest patch brings FOV settings, ultrawide fixes, and the removal of mouse acceleration, giving players the FOV controls they had been asking for. The developers are also planning more updates in the future. Alongside all this, the modding community has been incredibly active, with the custom FOV slider mod being downloaded over 19,000 times. All in all, Atomic Heart is shaping up to be a memorable classic.

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