Achievements Return to the Xbox App

  • Alexander Brown
  • 22 Apr 2021

A recent Xbox app update from 2020 was wildly unpopular. But the newest patch is here to fix everything you didn’t like about it. Well, almost everything.

In November 2020 Xbox App pages in Google Play and App Store were flooded with criticism and complaints. Players didn’t like the new update, which removed leaderboards, achievements, store, and so on.

Once in a while Microsoft decided to listen to the feedback. The fresh update was released on April 19. And it brings back achievement tracking and leaderboards. Although store doesn’t seem to reappear. 

The console itself also got some new features. They include more multiplayer options. Now you can join a game that your buddy is playing at the moment through Play with Friends, but only if they’re playing one of the Xbox Game Pass titles. 

Besides, if you don’t have this game yet,  you can promptly install what  they’re playing from the Game Pass collection.

For those who have a not-so-great internet connection, Xbox adds a Suspend a Game option. It puts a game that you play on halt in case it sabotages download speed of a title you want to get.

The updated app is available for Android & iOS and here you can check the full update list.

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