American Airlines Offer Free TikTok

  • Elijah Martin
  • 10 Aug 2021

It looks like American Airlines is desperate to attract more customers. The pandemic situation ruined their plans for the future. Now they have to compete against other carriers in order to survive on the market. The company came up with an idea to provide free TikTok access to their customers on the Viasat aircraft. Passengers will be able to use it for 30 minutes.

How to Connect to TikTok Aboard

You receive 30 free minutes of access to the TikTok account. For this, you need to pick airplane mode. Find the AA inflight signal and connect to it. After that, you will be sent to American Airlines' WiFi portal. From there, all you need is to enter the TikTok app. And if you don’t have it installed, don’t worry! Download the app right on the flight.

American Airlines has already checked the possibility of using Facebook Messenger during the flight. Passengers can exchange messages on the flight. It’s a win-win situation since you spend your flight with your Facebook or TikTok account, the time passes quickly, and American Airlines receives more customers.

TikTok is available only on planes with Viasat WiFi. Pay attention to the fact that there is no free Internet. It costs $10 per session. But you can pay for the monthly subscription which is $49.95. For this price, you receive access to the library of American Airlines filled with online classes, shows, and movies. The WiFi is quick, and you will not freeze during the session.

During their latest interview, American Airlines pointed out that the free TikTok is not only for young passengers. Instead of dance challenges, you can check the traveling destinations. If you want to do it, use specific hashtags like #traveltheworld, #traveltips, or #travel. You may also enter the name of the location you are flying to and check your possibilities there.

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