Android Is Likely to Release Its Update This October

  • Alexander Brown
  • 15 Sep 2021

Based on the document that became public through XDA Developers, it’s likely that Android 12 will be released in less than a month, on October 4th. This version of the operating system will include the new visual design, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

The information comes from the document used by Google to provide information to their partners on when they will cease to approve software for different Android versions. In this file, October 4th was stated as the release of AOSP or Android Open-Source Project. In most cases, the release of AOSP coincides with the launch of the official Android version for all users.

Also, the past experience with the documents proves this theory, as the same happened with the release of Android 10 and Android 11. Just as it was mentioned in the document, the stable Android 10 version was released in 2019 on September 3rd. When it comes to 2020, the company launched Android 11 on September 8th, which was written in the document as the AOSP release date. While this is still not proven information, it’s highly likely that the date of October 4th will turn out to be the day that users will get access to Android 12.

There have been plenty of rumors and teases when it comes to the launch of Pixel 6. In this sense, it makes sense for the company to release Android 12 sometime in October and then make their announcement regarding Pixel 6. October 19th has been the most rumored date for the launch of Google’s new smartphone. In such a way, it wouldn’t be surprising for the company to deal with the Android upgrade first.

What do you think about this upcoming update? Are you waiting for anything in particular? Please, share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below.

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