Apex Legends Might Get Awesome Energy Pistol

  • Alexander Brown
  • 02 Mar 2022

Since its launch, Apex Legends has attracted the attention of many fans of the battle royale and first-person shooter genres. The action takes place in a fantasy universe, and therefore a variety of unique space weapons and equipment are just in bulk here. And, it seems, a fantastic replenishment of the arsenal is expected. After leaking insider information, it became known that Fanatic, a super-cool Energy Pistol, will appear in the game soon.

The 12th “Defiance” season of Apex Legends is now in full swing. Despite the rather long history of existence, the game still surprises players. We’ve already had time to enjoy the new mode, walk around the updated Olympus, and admire the cheeky Mad Maggie. Of course, the new season, and even more so dedicated to the third anniversary, could not do without new weapons. And it looks like Respawn Entertainment is going to surprise us.

As we already wrote, the Energy Pistol, called Fanatic, will probably appear in the game. The information comes from one of the Reddit users, who has previously leaked truthful data. They didn’t actually provide much information about this item, but even what they have teases us a lot. The weapon has a blue glow coming from its body that accumulates for a while after every shot, as well as several stripes that are likely charge identifiers. It appears to use RE-45, a placeholder of an automatic pistol, which means the weapon’s shape could still be redesigned.

Don’t expect Fanatic to be in the game tomorrow. Respawn is known for testing its new products for quite some time. However, it is hoped that the planned game release on next-gen consoles will rush the developers a bit, and they will release this weapon earlier. Are you already waiting for the Energy Pistol? Which game update impressed you the most?

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