Apple Music Brings Hi-Fi to Android, but Dolby Atmos Comes Later

  • Olivia Johnson
  • 21 May 2021

Apple Music is one of the rare apps by Apple that one can find on Google Play Store. Meant to deliver the same experience as does its analog on iOS, Apple Music for Android is promised to support lossless streaming as soon as it’s implemented. It should be quite an interesting option for Android users, as Android devices often come with onboard Hi-Res DACs, enabling users to enjoy music in real high quality. 

Though Apple utilizes its own codec for lossless streaming, it should be no problem. ALAC is supported by most software players for Android that can play lossless at all. If your phone has a built-in Hi-Res audio processor, it usually means it supports 24 bit at 192 kHz, and so it will play music at the highest quality provided by Apple. Those whose phones are not equipped with premium audio hardware can use an external DAC to uncover the full potential of sound with Apple Music.

There is one issue, though. At the launch there will be no Dolby Atmos support (though it may be implemented later). It may be added later. It’s not known so far whether it’s a technical or a legal issue. It is not the case, though, with Spatial Audio: it’s only supported by the latest Apple phones, tablets, and headphones, so it won’t be available on Android. At least, there is something to be sure about.

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