BBC Proms Hosting Amazing Video Game Soundtracks

  • Elijah Martin
  • 04 Aug 2022

The BBC Proms is a largely awaited event in the classical music community, but this year not only original composers and film soundtracks will lead the news. This year 2022 will be hosting the first overtime video game concert.

The reality is that video games have reached far into modern society. For example, Kirby has only recently won Grammy Awards. There are other franchises that mean not only a simple gaming process but tightly connect players all around the world.

It sounds amusing how video games can get such a place at the classical event. Nevertheless, many pieces that belong to video games showcase the outstanding work of many composers that try to fully immerse the player into the alternative reality. The show will be officially held in the Royal Hall, and the final program has already been announced.

Dedicated Nintendo fans will be happy to hear that The Legend of Zelda will take its own five minutes to impress the listeners. In addition, Pokémon soundtracks will share a place with different projects belonging to Square Enix, like Secret of Mana, and SEGA’s Ecco the Dolphin.

Final Fantasy also got a tribute at the concert with 'Liberi Fatali', introducing everyone to the talent of Nobuo Uematsu. Of course, it would be a surprise not to hear Kingdom Hearts OSTs that sing through the souls of many.

There are amazing pieces that we can expect to hear in the famous hall, and this event signifies that video games are becoming a big part of modern culture. The classics are not the only way to go now, and hopefully, we will see more concerts adding video game soundtracks to their feature lists.

What videogames would you like to be featured on the BBC Proms? Do you think many other companies will do similar events? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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