Catch Your Luck at Halo Infinite Testing

  • Alexander Brown
  • 18 Jul 2022

Halo Infinite’s release last year made big news, but since then, there have been a couple of problems with the game. The famous franchise expects to start testing for co-op and replay missions from July 15 to August 1. Nevertheless, there might be delays even there.

It has been quite a year for Halo Infinite, but we can finally expect to see a cooperative campaign on the game menu. Even though it is only in testing, this gives many players hope that the official launch of the multiplayer mode will occur soon. Other titles of Halo have campaigns you can enjoy playing with your friends, but Infinite had some bumps on this road. Unfortunately, because this is just testing, players won’t be able to access their saves and progress in the actual game version.

If you want to see the possible look of the Halo Infinite co-op, you can download the new test build from the Xbox Insider Program. Additionally, with testing comes the mission replay feature. This will allow you to revisit some places you couldn’t at the game's launch. 343 Industries expects that the official release of the co-op campaign will be somewhere later this year.

Halo Infinite still needs to go through many tests and updates for the game to acquire its final look. Players still expect the Forge Level editor, much beloved in other parts of the franchise. The co-op feature can help Infinite to gain more numbers and show that the Halo series is still much in favor among the gamers.

Players want the franchise to stay on the top since it has become a big part of Internet culture. Halo Infinite can still carry many unexpected secrets to amaze its fans. The company has time to explore new features and modes for the game to be more inviting to new audiences.

Would you want to try the Halo Infinite co-op? What part of this series is your favorite? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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