Chrome Update for iOS Breaks the App

  • Samuel Wilson
  • 14 Jan 2022

Users began to complain about the latest update of Chrome. It looks like the new version on iOS freezes the whole system on some devices. It stops the app and you have to search for a solution. The update is already available for download via the App Store. If you are not sure about your device, you have to turn off the automatic update in advance. It is called Google Chrome 97. While it does not freeze every device, some users continue to report problems.

Apparently, reinstallation and restarts don’t help the main issue. Reports began to appear right after the new update was released. The problem looks big enough for Google to start worrying. Users found that freezing occurs after their iOS phones receive Chrome’s new update. Old versions of the same app work without any problems. The iOS system may be somehow related to the issue since iOS 15.2 owners did not notice the problem, but 15.3 system owners complained about it.

While there is no reason for the problem found, the fixture is also an issue. Users still hope for a quick response from Google. However, the update was released a few days ago, and complaints that appeared at the same time are left unnoticed. Some users recommend clearing the cache of the app. They claim that this simple action helped them. Yet, it may work only in case the app is still on.

In the meantime, we recommend not to download the update from the App Store. If you can use the older version, it is wiser to leave it until Google acknowledges and fixes the problem. It may take some time and you have to keep up with the latest news. We are not sure whether the different iOS systems can be an explanation for the issue.

Do you use Chrome on your iOS? Have you downloaded the new update already? If you have or don’t have problems, please, share your opinion in the comments below. Do you have problems with the new update?

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