Clubhouse Arrives to Android in May?

  • Charlotte Smith
  • 12 Apr 2021

While the most memetic social media of 2021 (Clubhouse, of course) still reminds us of the early Instagram days, being an iOS exclusive, this may end as soon as in May. A team of at least two developers (not so few as it might seem) reportedly work on an Android client that has been long awaited already.

As the proof of their intentions in progress, one of the developers, Mopewa Ogundipe, shared a screenshot that hints at the upcoming release. Instead of the familiar “sent from my iPhone”, it mentions Pixel, as Android a phone as can be. Given the enormous diversity of Android phones and tablets, no wonder the developers started with Pixel that’s often called a reference Android device.

The mission articulated by the developers is to achieve as smooth an experience as we already see on iOS. The Android version should also be ready to embrace innovations like Clubhouse Payments, introduced recently.

For the most impatient, there is an unofficial Clubhouse client, but its stable work is not granted. It’s not available on Google Play, for obvious reasons. So it may be better to wait for the official launch, which will also deliver lots of fresh content generated by new speakers, causing a new attention boost.

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