Dropbox Tests Native Support of Apple M1-Based Macs

  • Mya Martinez
  • 18 Jan 2022

Though Apple has introduced its Silicon chips quite a while ago, not all software and service developers have already caught up with it. The one that recently started testing its native M1 support is the famous Dropbox. As the open phase of beta testing starts, all the participating users can enter it and try for themselves how it performs on the latest Apple CPUs.

All it takes from a user (along with a fresh M1-powered Mac and a Dropbox account) is an agreement to participate in the beta program. To agree, one needs to open dropbox.com and enter the Settings section. To do this, log in and click your avatar in the top right corner. In the dropdown menu, click Settings, and in the “General” tab toggle the “Early releases” on. It will take up to 24 hours to automatically update your apps if there are any beta versions. If you are not satisfied with the experience, just switch it back off the same way.

Though M1 users could use Dropbox as well before this, the app was running under Rosetta compatibility program that enabled x64 apps to run on ARM chips. It would result in worse performance and sometimes errors, though rare. Native support of M1 will improve the performance and make the experience smoother. If neither version works as planned, though, Mac users can always use the good old web version.

Dropbox is one of the most famous and advanced cloud storage services. Though Apple users have got iCloud, many of them use Dropbox because of its better terms and performance, as well as cross-platform compatibility. It’s also great for syncing in-app data, passwords, document versions, and other advanced types of syncing.

If you have tried the M1 beta, have you noticed any improvement in performance? Did the overall Dropbox experience change? If you have anything to say about it, welcome to our comments!

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