Everything You Need to Know About MacBook Pro 14” (2021)

  • Benjamin Taylor
  • 15 Jul 2021

After ditching MacBook 15” for a 16” version in the same body, Apple is expected to do the same to its current MacBook 13” line, introducing MacBook 14” instead. And everything hints that it will. That’s what we know so far about the new laptop by Apple that is to come later this year. 

As for performance, the rumors about MacBook 14” and the updated MacBook 16” are surprisingly similar. The 14” model will also have an Apple Silicon CPU with 10 cores – two energy-efficient and eight high-performance. There will be up to 32 GB RAM, and the GPU will have 16 or 32 cores. Apple may also add an SD card slot.

The display may use Mini LED technology; the recent iPad Pro demonstrates its pros. The design changes may follow those you see in iPhone 12, making the device edgier, not so rounded. The Touch ID button may be backlit, which seems logical if the TouchBar is jettisoned. If Apple returns to physical buttons instead of it, at least as an option, many users will be grateful. If TouchBar is to remain, it may get some enhancements, among which some mention ForceTouch technology – ironically removed from iPhones. 

It’s not clear whether Apple will reintroduce MagSafe technology in MacBooks. It makes sense, as the regular USB-C port, standard as it is, is a little step back. Maybe it will be similar to the iPhone version of MagSafe, with reverse compatibility, so you can charge your iPhone by simply putting it on your MacBook.

As for the price, it may start just where it starts for the current MacBook 13” – that is, at $1,299. Hardly will Apple raise it, given how much it was criticized for, say, its pricing for iPhones and accessories. Neither will it, though, include anything but the charger in the box. If you want to use a mouse, an external touchpad, a case, or whatever, you will have to purchase it separately.

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