Facebook Apple Users Get New Privacy Prompt

  • Alexander Brown
  • 27 Apr 2021

Facebook reposts that all the users who update their iOS and iPadOS devices to the newest version will now be able to give the social networking app permission to track their activities on other websites and installed apps. All other apps are required to implement the change to keep their services available on the updated devices. The company says that the feature will be implemented gradually in order to ensure that everything works fine. 

Facebook accuses Apple of being tough to small businesses as the new feature will reduce their chances to reach out to new customers through Facebook targeted ads. Apple responds that the App Tracking transparency feature is only called to add more control to users. Facebook will show users a screen with an explanation of personalized advertising’s importance and how it supports small businesses. 

At the same time, we should not forget that Facebook faced huge privacy scandals and revealed poor user data protection policies. In 2018, it appeared that Cambridge Analytic received the data of 87 million users without even asking them for it. What do you think about Facebook’s attitude? Does the company stand for something good or it’s just afraid of its profits from advertising? Share the news and join the discussion!

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