Google App Lets Delete 15 Minutes of Search History

  • Michael Thompson
  • 23 Mar 2022

Google announced a series of exciting updates for its mobile search app almost a year ago. One of them, an option to clear 15 minutes of web search history immediately, was rolled out for iOS right after the I/O presentation. At last, it’s getting to the Android app too. 

Coming Shortly

According to the former editor-in-chief of XDA Mishaal Rahman, the feature is already in the update tube for all Android devices. Besides, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the feature is coming to all the search app users within a few weeks. 

Previously, Google promised to release the update by the end of 2021 but missed the deadline for some reason. It’s also still not clear if the feature is coming to the desktop web search. Everything we know from the 2021 I/O event is that the feature will come out for more than one platform. Most probably, this includes iOS and Android, but it would be unfair if the web desktop search doesn’t get it too. At the moment, the option is still unavailable for the vast majority of Android devices, so we just have to wait. 

Google With Care

Judging by the excessively long release process of the search delete feature on the Android Google app, there are some development issues in the company. Hopefully, Google soon manages to speed up the pipeline and launch any future search updates across all the available platforms at once. We all need a quick button to erase all the traces of our bad search decisions sometimes, after all! Have you already tried the feature on your iPhone? How do you like it? Do you have it on your Android already? When did it appear? Let’s discuss this feature and other upcoming ones in the comments. You can also share this update report on social media and add our blog to your bookmarks as more important tech news are on the way.

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