Google Drive Doubles Protection Over Suspicious Files

  • Alexander Brown
  • 24 Jan 2022

Google did not leave its attempts to keep users safe from malicious files and content. In the last meeting at Cloud Next 2021, Google announced its plan to increase the protection of each user. While new dangers appear almost every day on the Internet, it becomes hard to track malware and stop hacking attempts. Google Drive went under attack as well. Google hopes to decrease these dangers by sending warnings to its users over suspicious content they are about to open.

The plan is that Google checks the file you have in Google Drive before you. It takes a look at any type of file and notifies you if something is wrong with it. If there is a possible danger, you will see the yellow warning tape on top of the page. While you still can open the document or picture, you will be aware that this file is suspicious.

You may have already seen similar warnings in Google Docs. They were helpful and now you can receive similar help for the Google Drive files. Since the popularity of the service increased, users, as well as hackers, began to attempt the service frequently. A number of files, as well as ransomware and malware, grew. Although the situation with hackers’ attacks will not be changed for good, Google offers you to feel more secure using Google Drive. It is up to you whether you want to open the potentially dangerous file and download it on your device or not.

The feature is already in its last trial period. Still, it can take some time to reveal the feature to all users. According to the official statement, the gradual rollout can take up to 15 days to be provided to every user around the world.

How often do you use Google Drive? Do you keep important documents there? Do you believe that the new feature will protect your files? Leave your comments about the improved security of the service in the comments below.

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