Google Is Reimagining Play Store Rating System

  • Elijah Martin
  • 25 Aug 2021

Google revealed its plans to revamp the Play Store app rating system. The developer will soon integrate new filters to provide users only with reviews and ratings from their home regions. The company believes that this improvement will help users find relevant reviews much quicker. 

Thinking of Us

As Google’s spokesperson said, the company analyzed user and developer reviews of the platforms and figured out that the rating system isn’t as helpful as it could be. Google analysts noticed that ratings from particular regions might negatively impact the ratings in another. It happens when, for example, a bug occurs in a version for one country and lowers the app rating all over the world. Another scenario that should be eliminated is when tablet users don’t see ratings for their type of devices because there are too many ratings from smartphone users in their feeds. 

Starting Soon

The new Play Store rating system starts working globally in November 2021 but only on smartphones and only on the regional filter basis. The update for form-factor-based filters for other Android and Chrome OS devices, including tablets, wearables, and Chromebooks is coming in Q1 2022. It will filter and show only platform-specific reviews and ratings from the users’ regions of registration. 

The reworked rating system will help users make more weighted decisions. As a result, their experiences will be of better quality. Additionally, Android and Chrome OS device owners will see featured apps and games based on regional ratings rather than worldwide. 

Finally Perfect?

Although the new rating system seems to bring only positive improvements, it may negatively impact user experiences in regions with low rating activity. Do you think the change will help us or not? Let’s discuss it below. You can also share the news on social media. 

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