Google Offers New Feature for Google Maps

  • Joanna Benson
  • 06 Mar 2021

Google Maps get a new update and provide their users with more possibilities. Recently, Google published information about upcoming features for their apps. They announced the updates to the Messages, Password Checkup, Google Maps, Android Auto, and TalkBack screen reader.

All the features seem incredibly useful and may boost the popularity of these apps. For example, you will be able to schedule messages sending in the Messages app. As for Google’s autofill of passwords, smart AI will quickly check whether your passwords are safe or there’s been a leak, and you have to change them immediately.

Google Maps receives the dark mode, which lets you change the interface of the app entirely. This mode acts as long as you want to, and not only while you are using the navigation. If you like dark modes in your apps, you will be amazed by this one. Once you receive the update, all you need to do is activate it on your phone. Go to “Settings,” tap on the “Theme”. You will see the “Always in Dark Theme” setting there.

All the announced updates are rolling. If you don’t have access to them yet, don’t worry. You may want to keep checking for them from time to time in the Play Store.

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