Google Photos App Crashes After Apple’s Ios Update: What We Know So Far

  • Alexander Brown
  • 15 Feb 2023

With Apple's latest iOS 16.3.1 update, many users have experienced the problem of the Google Photos app crashing when trying to open it. While some users report that they manage to open the app without any problems, most users seem to be experiencing this problem. It is currently unclear what may be causing this issue and why it only affects certain people.

The main cause of this glitch is still unknown; however, according to Apple's release notes, this update is mainly designed to fix bugs and improve security features that may have caused the problem on some devices. Other Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Maps are working fine, which means that there may be something wrong specifically with the Photos app or how it interacts with the new iOS update.

Some users seem to have been able to solve the problem by rebooting their device, but most people who have tried this method unfortunately haven't gotten a solution to the problem so far and continue to run into issueі when trying to open Google Photos on their device after updating to iOS 16.3.1, which Apple recently released.

Another possible solution suggested by experts is to completely reinstall the app from the iTunes or App Store library, but even in this case, no unequivocal evidence has been found for its effectiveness in solving the problem, as different people report different results after trying such methods on their devices after the latest iOS version is installed on them.

In conclusion, while some users are able to use Google Photos normally despite updating their devices to the iOS 16.3 .1 version released by Apple recently, most other people seem to suffer from crashes when opening the app on their phones/tablets, etc. There is no definite solution yet for those who have encountered this issue, but hopefully it will come soon enough before more and more users start to suffer from this problem due to its widespread use among the world's population today.

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