Google Search Now Quickly Displays Train Ticket Pricing and Allows Purchasing

  • Alexander Brown
  • 26 Sep 2022

Google is expanding the functionality of its search engine by adding the ability to quickly purchase train tickets in countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, and Japan. It is also planning to incorporate new features into the travel search options.

Google has revealed that a new “eco-label” filter option will be added when a person is looking for hotels and flights. There are also plans for bus ticketing to have the same filter option.

Despite the fact that at the moment the new feature is only available in four countries, Google has announced that it is planning for the train ticketing option to be further expanded as soon as Google creates new railway partnerships.

Eco-conscious people will now be able to choose hotels and flights that support their lifestyle and allow them to choose “eco-certified” and “low emissions only” choices. Furthermore, this filter option may be able to nudge some regular travelers to go for the emission-conscious options. 

Google has introduced the tracking of carbon emissions just one year ago and it has been very successful among users. Google Maps now allows users to choose fuel-efficient routes and allows users to keep track of emissions that are generated due to flights.

Additionally, Google has cooperated with several organizations such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Green Building Council, allowing it to trtack eco-certified hotels.

Users of Google Flights, on the other hand, now has the opportunity to use “low-emissions only” filter and organize their search results by the amount of CO2 emissions.

Are you an eco-conscious person? Do you believe that Google will help people reduce CO2 emissions? Speak up in the comment section below.

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