GTA 6: What Changed When Dan Houser Left?

  • Elijah Martin
  • 04 Nov 2021

A previous title of the well-known Great Theft Auto franchise was launched in 2013. GTA 6 was announced a long time ago, but there is still no release date. In the history of this game, it’s the first time developers put off the launch of the game. The last leaks explained what happened. In 2020, after a long vacation, Dan Houser left Rockstar Games studio. He was a co-founder of the company together with his brother, Sam Houser. What is more important, he was a Grand Theft Auto writer.

The leaks mention that when Dan Houser left the studio, the Rockstar Games team had to start creating GTA 6 from the very beginning. That could be the reason why they don’t announce anything about the game release. It seems that the studio goes through some challenges in creating GTA 6. Blogger Chris Klippel wrote about this on Twitter. "Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development hell" is what he said.

After this post, Tom Henderson, who is the industry insider of Rockstar Games, claimed that it was just speculation and one blogger’s opinion. He noted that the situation inside the company was different from how it was described. Chris Klippel soon answered that these words were only his thoughts. Even though the leaks are just an assumption, Dan Houser was a primary writer, so the game will change a lot without him. Fans can’t wait until GTA 6 is available, but it seems it won’t be released soon.

This month, people focused on the GTA trilogy that is coming in November. It’s a remaster of three GTA games, and it will also be available on iOS and Android at the beginning of 2022. So, maybe the leaks are true, and developers have some issues with GTA 6, but they continue working on it. Do you think the studio restarted the work on GTA 6? Are you waiting for this release? Leave your comments!

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