Hunt the Beasts on All Platforms: Monster Hunter Rise Comes to PlayStation and Xbox!

  • Elijah Martin
  • 11 Dec 2022

It’s been almost two years since Monster Hunter Rise first became exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, and fans of the popular action-role-playing game series have been eagerly awaiting the day to take on capricious beasts on other major consoles. Today that day has come as Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox.

This latest version of Monster Hunter Rise includes all the content from the original Switch release, including the flagship Wyvern Hunting and Rampage gameplay modes, as well as additional content from the recently released ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ expansion.

The enhancement for Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation and Xbox comes in the form of improved graphics and lighting, further elevating the game’s already incredible visuals. Additional quality-of-life improvements have also been made, including improved controller support, more intuitive menus, and smoother performance on the new hardware. These changes should make hunting all the more satisfying to console players.

However, one aspect that Monster Hunter Rise fans should note is that there will be no physical release of the game on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Due to the challenges of printing and distributing physical copies of the game, as well as the general trend of digital distribution throughout the gaming industry, Capcom has decided to only release the game digitally on the respective digital stores of the consoles.

With the game now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, it marks a major step for the Monster Hunter series and allows even more fans to experience the familiar yet fresh game mechanics and stunning environments that Monster Hunter Rise provides.

Moreover, with the release of Monster Hunter Rise on the new consoles, more players can now partake in the fantastic Monster Hunter community and its myriad of cooperative and competitive activities. With the new generation of consoles, Monster Hunter Rise is sure to provide exciting and epic battles for years to come.

Were you waiting to play Monster Hunter on PlayStation or Xbox? How do you feel about the game not getting a physical release? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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