Instagram Brings Changes to In-Stream Ads

  • Elijah Martin
  • 13 Apr 2022

Instagram has been pretty active with its recent updates. The app has taken the route of improving the advertisement options on the platform, wanting to make it more effective and interesting. Recently, the developers announced that in-stream video placements will be removed from the app to clean up the feed.

Although not everyone was excited about such changes, Instagram has advised placing the advertisements in the Reels instead. This comes as a little confusion since the IGTV function, launched last October, was supposed to attract more users to the platform and expand the opportunities for the creators. Now, seeing it on the cleaning changes is a little bit surprising.

For users who prefer to scroll through the feed without breaks, it actually seems like a good idea. It is hard to enjoy the content when it gets abruptly cut by the ads, so maybe this decision was made by Instagram not without good reasoning.

Moreover, the platform wants to install testing for full-screen feed ads that will contain static content. We can expect changes to come to Stories, Reels, and videos. This somewhat resembles the functions of the TikTok feed, which has been Instagram’s rival for a good time now. Meta wants to attract big audiences from the other app, as it is a hard tie between the two right now.

We will wait to see new updates from Instagram regarding advertisements on the platform. Maybe, new changes will make the app more attractive for young users. The media sharing ability is still the biggest option of the platform, and Meta is also working on improving the entertainment function of the app.

Do you think Instagram will catch up to TikTok? What other updates can we expect from Meta? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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